Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kayin's Surgery

Kayin had explorational ear surgery on July 8th to try to find out why his right ear is deaf. It was a big event but Kayin did absolutely wonderful. Luckily the Strommers in Portland watched Kareli for me the whole time (over 8 hours!), so I was able to focus entirely on him. That helped a lot.

When we first got to Doernbechers Kayin was really excited and looking forward to getting special attention. The doctors were really friendly and helpful and helped him to really relax. He got his own room with a bed and a tv, and they even found cartoons for him. :) He didn't want to take the medicine they had for him, but with a little coaxing (and a cool syring to drink from instead of a cup) he finally took that.

When they brought in his hospital gown he started to get nervous though, and really didn't want to take off his familiar clothes. I persuaded him to at least take his shirt off, but he insisted on leaving his pants on.

Once the pain killer/dopey medicine started kicking in Kayin got pretty funny. :) He relaxed enough to let me change him completely and had the funniest rambling conversations. He tried to ask me how they made cartoons and I (being the horrible mean mom that I am) just laughed and laughed. It consisted of "How do they... how do they.... but... but how do they... but how... how... but how do they.... how... but... but how do they...." and went on for over 5 minutes before I caved in and helped him out. Luckily he was so doped up he had no idea what was going on, so I got to laugh with only a little guilt.

He did snap out of it when the doctors came in to wheel him out and my poor kid got seriously nervous. They let me walk with him down the hallway for awhile, but I had to leave him when he went into the prep doors. I could see him arching his back as far as he could to look back at me while they wheeled him away and he kept reaching for me, but he was brave and didn't cry or yell. I started to tear up though; that's hard to watch.

If I thought that was hard to watch, having them come get me after a few hours wait to tell me that he was done and wouldn't stop crying for me was heartbreaking. They took me back to the recovery room where Kayin was nearly hysterical and completely confused from the drugs. They said it's normal for some kids to wake up like that, but it was SO hard to watch! As soon as I got close to him he put me in a head lock and refused to let go, so terrified that I'd leave him again. I just stayed there and soothed him until he calmed down and fell back to sleep, still holding me in a headlock. The nice ladies there with him brought me a chair so I could sit there while they monitored him.

Kayin stayed asleep for a few hours, then finally started to gradually come out of it. He wasn't feeling very well but was much better once the doctors offered him a popsicle for being so good. It was sad to see him so groggy and dioriented, but luckily he shook it off pretty fast. By the time we left the hospital he was jumping over curbs and making me race him to the parking lot! Man kids bounce back fast!! And luckily, his ear never did bother him after that. He said it didn't hurt at all and he never needed any medicine for it; it was so impressed! Unfortunately they couldn't find anything wrong so he still can't hear from that ear, but we're trying other things now. We're still hoping for some improvement. He has a great time telling everyone about his "silly ear" or telling them "I can't hear you, my ear is broken!" and then launching into the story of falling out of bed and going in for surgery. He sure loves telling his stories. :)

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